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Our Water Proof Intel service is the best way to quickly improve your fishing skills. Learn from some of the top fishermen in the sport and become part of our fishing community. Included in the Intel package is our Seminar, Networking, Intel and Tech Support pages.


Each page is designed to allow members to interact directly with our team of professionals, as well as each other; sharing information, ideas and techniques to improve your odds of success every time you go offshore. Since its inception in late 2014, the Water Proof Intel service has grown strictly by referral and now includes extensive Midshore coverage and Inshore coverage.


Our focus is on education off the water and teamwork on the water to maximize your catches. Our Intel package is not only the most advanced way to learn, but the most convenient, with the material delivered right to your PC, laptop, Tablet or Mobile device as it occurs.

Water Proof Seminar


The Water Proof Seminar page includes our online seminar series designed to share proven techniques and innovative ideas with fishermen in a convenient package. Our Seminars utilize an interactive format that allows unlimited member access to each and every topic year round, making single day seminars obsolete.


From Tuna, Swords, Shark, Wahoo, Mahi, Marlin and Tilefish, we cover every aspect of tackle and bait rigging as well as how to target these species with in depth seminars and group discussion. This format allows us to take a very detailed look at all aspects of offshore fishing and deliver the information right to your laptop, tablet or Smart Phone. Each season, we present over 25 individual topics beginning in early January. The interactive format of our series allows additional topics to be covered upon request.


Each topic and corresponding Q&A remains active on the page throughout the year for review at your convenience.

Water Proof Intel


The Water Proof Intel page is the backbone of our service. Here, our team boats and member boats post honest, timely, detailed fishing reports so you can get a clear, detailed picture of what is going on in your geographic zone.


The Intel package includes our Seminar, Network and Intel pages, plus 24 hour unlimited access to our boats and crew via satellite communication. In additional to unlimited access to our team, we will also provide live reporting as it occurs directly to our Intel page, allowing members to make educated decisions on current fishing and sea conditions before leaving the dock.


This service gives you the most up to date and detailed Intel available at any cost.


INTEL Package: $2000 per year


Online video seminars
Unlimited Q&A
Group Discussion
Topics on Demand
Water Proof discounts at Preferred Vendors
Hands on Training 
Networking page
Intel page with live reporting
24 Hour Access to our Boats and Crews
Water Analysis
Trip Planner
Private Communication

Water Proof Network


The Water Proof Network page allows members to network and share ideas with other members off the water. On this page, members can ask boating related questions such as weather, insurance, marinas, fishing equipment, satellite communications, buddy boats, regulations as well as buying and selling gear.


Members are listed in our Directory by home inlet, boat name and type. Sat Phone and / or Sat Text numbers are listed for those members that choose to share their information, making on the water networking easy.  Our ongoing Water Analysis not only points you in the right direction when heading offshore, but teaches you the fundamentals of water movement, Chlorophyll and how to read water before you leave the dock and when offshore. Our “Live” Water Analysis is new for 2020 and allows members to participate in live discussions of water movements and what we look for when going offshore.


Included in this analysis is Sea Surface temperature, Chlorophyll, Salinity, Altimetry and Currents by multiple service providers. This analysis is then compared to recent catch reports from our group so we can forecast prime fishing locations in the upcoming days.

When you choose your Water Proof Intel package, you can be sure the Water Proof Team will give 110% to make sure you have the best experience possible. Our goal is to help fellow fishermen learn proven techniques and stay on the cutting edge of developing techniques in the fishing world.


In a sport where the smallest details separate the top boats from the average boats, we subscribe to the philosophy of “we can’t do any 1 thing 100% better, so we will do 100 things 1% better”. We will share our daily experiences on the edge to speed up your learning curve. As a thank you to our Water Proof family, we pass along savings on group buys and work directly with tackle manufacturers and suppliers to get the best pricing possible on a variety of tackle and supplies we use during a typical season.


We are proud to say we have close to a 100% renewal rate since inception 10 years ago, a testament to the value of our service. Feel free to contact us at or (201)988-5475 for more information on how to become part of the Water Proof family.

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